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wel theres a number of ways to look at this.. batteries have a finite recharge life.. how's that cell phone and laptop "on time" working for ya after a year of ownership? The air cylinder has an infinite life span (in effect).. and a partial battery charge counts down the life of the battery the same as a full charge.. one could grab a few thousand CF of air like they do a $10 partial fill @ the gas pump.

Then there is the fact that air compressors are old tech and utterly understood.. yeah.. upgrade capacity.. so? Easy to do.. no big EPA permits to worry about like fuel tanks..

@ Home you CAN trade time for capacity and let the car slow pressurize overnite.. so while there are always trade offs, compressed air has MANY virtues.. clean, well understood, simple, low maintenance, effective.

And keep in mind the pre-charged quick swap cylinder idea.
(and scented refils)
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