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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
If you want to keep the ac, you should really run it at least once a month for a minute or so to get the oil in the system moving around so the seals don't dry up, if you do this then it will last many years, this is why the ac on new cars comes on every time you start them, or comes on every time you us the defrost.
It's a pain to remove the under dash part of the ac, but the engine compartment stuff is easy and weighs around 35 pounds all together, removing the belt will show the biggest gain as v belts have alot of drag on their own.
So what would 35 lbs and a V-belt deletion be worth on a 2000 lb econobox in terms of FE? Along the same line, I'm thinking about removing the rear seat and some other unnecessary items. If I can shave 100-150 lbs from the weight of the car, will I see any gain in MPG? I'll be logging the FE so I guess I would find out eventually but I'd rather not waste my time doing something that won't get me any real gain.
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