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Originally Posted by blackjackel View Post
What is the average output of a typical car? I drive a toyota corolla...

I found some 55,000mcd LEDs on eBay for double the price you paid for your 6000mcd but their angle output is only 20 degrees plus or minus 10 degrees.

Does that mean that for 1000 lumens I only need roughly 18 of these LEDs?
Typical automotive halogens output 1500 lumens per bulb at 55 watts.

1,000mcd = 1 candela = 1 lumen. So a 55,000mcd LED is only 55 lumens.

to get 1,500 lumens you will need 30 of those 55 lumen LEDs per headlight, but you will only get the same intensity level if you have optics to go with the array, or make the array so that the LEDs are focused to converge at an ideal distance. If you can find the datasheet for those LEDs it will tell you want the drop-off distance is for their output.

You may not be able to replace your automotive high beams with LEDs, but fog lamps or running lights are very possible.
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