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after 3 weeks of hard spare-time work, frustration and sweat, i can finally say it is done!
im verry happy with the result, even though up to the last second before putting it on the pick-up i was almost sure it would fail.


-first i measured the the whole rear of the truck and made a model of it in the 3d program "sketchup". then drawing a perfectly rounded shape on it was relatively easy. then i made some sort of wireframe and turned those into 3d wooden beams. then all i had to do was draw down and measure each part and just make it for real with wood.
each day i made the plans for some of the parts and built them, all this was relatively easy and fun and took about 3 days with a few hours a day.

-then i assembled all the parts and found out i miscalculated 6 small beams, that i rapidly remade. the structure is quite large and assembly was tricky at some points but it all went fine in the end.

-then i placed the whole on the bed and started sanding it smooth, a verry effective tool was my electric "planer"?

- then i cut out thin MDF wood sheets to fit each part and screwed them on, the bending ability of these sheets was stressed to the absolute maximum in some parts, but they held.

-then i realised that especially the sides were verry un-even, as the panels would bump inward at some points. so i filled those bumps up with regular plaster.

-then i sanded sanded and sanded again for a smooth result, and then i brush painted it with a primer for the polyester. result:

-inmediately after that i began mixing the polyester resin and cutting out the fiberglass sheets. i did square meter by square meter, but i tell you it was a nightmare, all the fibers kept clogging onto the brush as soon as i touched the surface. it was only at the last two square M's that i found a technique that sort of worked. i swored never again to use polyester in my life.

-once that was dry i started smoothing it out and sanding it, i used pretty much every tool one can immagine. the most effective for cleaing up the fibergladd gloggs was to scrape the surface with a handsaw, and the smooth it up with the metal grinder and a special sanding disk.

-the result was truly horrible, with craters, bumps, airbells everywhere where there had not been enough resin. so i filled all that up with universal filler. the result of that was acceptable, but not smooth enough to my taste so i repainted over that the polyester primer that was left, and made the huge mistake of painting over some epoxy resin i had bought by mistake. probabaly because it was freezing, it did not dry even after 24 hours, so i had to wash it off with water (wich went realtively easy though)

-then i could finally start painting, first sprayed 2 layers of white primer after each layer i sanded the surface softly again. and then 3 thin layers of black glossy paint.

even then i was sure it would look to bad to be used and i was certain it would fail because it was not 100% even and there were lots of bad spots. but to my big surprise it looks really good once on the vehicle!

edit FYI, the total cost was under 150, the most expensive part was the polyester resin, fiberglass, primer and hardener for 5 sq meters. that alone costed 70.
then come all the paints, filler, plaster and wood. altough i bought way to much of those and now i have lots of left overs for future projects.
the price is still acceptable i think in regards to the fact that this is probabaly the most viewable and effective eco-mod to do for a pick-up
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