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Originally Posted by akashic View Post
BUT -- I have been noticing something the past few weeks that is tough to confirm, because it is inconsistent, and tough to nail down with the varying weather conditions, particularly the winds. It seems that I may be experiencing the BSFC shift that occurs with dramatically-improved aero. The main symptom I'm struggling with is that I'm now requiring more throttle to get up the hills. I used to be able to make it up my hills with TPS 18-20. I never had to go above 20. Now I frequently need to gas at TPS 22-23, getting 20mpg or less up certain hills. I'm not entirely certain that this isn't sometimes due to losing overdrive, as is happening more now, because my automatic shift points seem to wander sometimes. And I'm finding I often can't hold 50mph up the same hills without giving a lot of gas. Can some of you engine gurus help me figure this out?

I did just think of this... since my cold-air intake is in the wheel well, I might be suffocating the engine now. Is that likely?
I will not be able to reply you about that problem. Very few people met that problem here. Hope Basjoos or another one will be able to give you a hint.

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