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How I made the pizza caps (text explanation)

Originally Posted by sepp View Post
im interested to know how you attached the wheel covers? what type of rims do you have?
Good question! I took photos of the whole process, but now I can't figure out where they are. When I find them, I'll post it in another thread.

In short, these are the stock rims. (I copied this from another site.)

It took me a long time to figure out how to attach the pizza pans. In the end I decided zip ties were the most convenient way. Maybe I can communicate what I did without photos....

  • I used the 3 slits around the outer edge of the rims to tie down the pans.

  • I also cut 3 corresponding slits into the pizza pans. I used a Dremel cutoff disc -- real quick-and-dirty -- to make the slits.

  • Using the same cutoff disc, I shaved off a shallow tunnel on the reverse side, to fit the zip tie and allow the pan to lie flush.

  • Then I zipped them onto the rim at the 3 slits.

Tip: Wax the pizza pans when you're done! The pizza pans are not aluminum, as I assumed, but steel, as a magnet will confirm for you. They will rust. Mine certainly did. I tried rust remover on them and all that did was spread the rust uniformly around the pans. Next go around I may even consider painting them.
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