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Originally Posted by aussie_modder View Post
In regard to the post about compressed air not being reliable in cold weather, for those out there who are familar with vintage aircraft will note that on the russian prop driven aircaft (Yak52 etc), the engine is cranked over by compressed air rather than a battery powered electric motor. the extreme cold would render useless any battery that is exposed to the elements.

Other vehicles which require large cranking loads also utilise compressed air driven starter motors (Diesel Drive haul trucks for example), as well as steering, braking (compressed air drives the hydraulinc braking circuit). Many of these vehicles also operate in the extremes of cold. so the technology is already out there and understood.

In all applications, dry air is imperitive to ensure prevent freezing air lines.
CA starting is also the preferred method where there is a likelyhood of explosive gasses being present such as in some marine applications or where electric starting is not feasible.

The quality of the installation is the key to reliability not necessarily the type of starting system selected.

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