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Rear Diffuser

The rear end is now diffused...

This was a fairly simple mod. All I had to do was lower the trailing end of the belly screen, which had been zipped and taped to the rear bumper, so that it would end about 1-1/2" above the level of the rear axle. Calculated using 36" times tan(2.5)

And it should have been a quick one, but it took me quite a long time. After I had decided what bolts under the bumpers to attach the risers to, then measured, cut, and drilled the aluminum angle-bar, I couldn't undo the damn bolts! Every wrench I could find either didn't fit or couldn't get enough leverage to loosen them. So I chose a different set of bolts that was easier to get at, and after confirming that, yes! they do loosen, I redid everything...

The horizontal bars are just painted wood. They were the easiest thing to screw into for this purpose. The forward support is just a hurricane tie attached to the mudflap tab. Once the frame was in place, I restretched the screen around the bars and stapled it in place.

I didn't put any vanes on it. I figure I'll do that at the same time I fair the rear wheels. I'm happy to have something to attach the fairings to now.

For the fairings, one puzzle in my way is to deal with the exhaust. The exhaust currently doesn't extend far enough to the side to just run the exhaust through a hole in the fairing. Should I extend it? Should I reroute it out the back?

Note: For those still wanting a visual of the pizza wheels, you can kinda tell what I mean from these pix.

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