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Ah the age old debate continues.
One point Americans seem to miss is they are already using the metric (ten based system) every time they spend money. I am talking about Dollars and Cents !

Here we changed in the 1970's for weights and measures and for currency it was 14 February , 1966.

The currency was parallel for a while and gradually the Pounds , Shiilings and Pence English based system was changed over the simpler Dollars and Cents system.

The weights and measures was the same and most people changed quickly.
The next generation now in their late 20's and early 30's have no concept of pounds and ounces or of gallons and pints.
For them it is all metric measurement.

The TV weather was one of the first to be changed and then Government measures (land areas , weights of wheat and wool etc) and finally cars and private products.

That said economic interia had a part to play and there are still some items on the market which are "metricated"
Car tyres for instance , some ball bearings are still in the 1/4" and some items coming in from the US are built in non metric and sold here as a metric items.
You can still but a half inch socket driver but it is sold as "12.5 mill" and many housing related products are the same.
Sheet ply is still 4 x 8 ft sheets 3/4 in thick. Tiles are still 6x6" or 12x12" and some liquids are still converted. 375 ml is common (8 ounces).

By the way the litre is one kilogramme.

I think the comments by NachtRitter above sum it up fairly well.

Cheers , Pete.

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