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Motor, battery and solar panels for a boat

Hello. I'm new to this forum and it looks like you know a lot about modding cars. Same princibles can be applied on water. Atleast the motors and batteries. I'm trying to find info about what kind of motor (power) I can supply with solar power on a sunny day. That all depends largely on the solar panels used. What kind of solar panels are out there and for what price? Is it still better to go with sails than with solar power? I'm not thinking of high speeds or a big boat, but speed is surely helpful in some cases.

Requirements for the boat: able to carry 4-6 people and sleep in it, cook food and move about even if the sun doesnot shine all day.
So I'll need lots of batteries to store the energy when I can get it. What is the best (cheapest/lightest)?

I read that you salvage big dc motors from forklifts. I think those would be very good for a boat also. Is there some other machinery which has salvage potential?

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