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I'm an engineer (but not a city-boy) and at my last job I was on a clean-sheet vehicle design that was decreed to be fully metric and was except the tires, wheels, and lug nuts. There's a prevailing tendency among older engineers to use metric-converted-english even in fresh design which I find irritating. At my present job everyone has resisted metric so strongly I had to go back to english design (which I hadn't used since my drafting class in high school). Major pain in the rear end.

IMHO an official conversion to metric can't come soon enough, but it will never happen. People will never stop using MPH or miles or gallons or (infuriatingly) cups, teaspoons, ounces, pounds. If America is to be alone among the developed world in holding out against the International Standard system we should be forced to measure height in rods, weight in stones, and speed in furlongs per fortnight. See how fast people clamor to use metric.

I just did a brake job on the wife's Odyssey which uses a 3/4" socket for the lug nuts, 17mm for the caliper bolts, and 1/2" (no, 12 and 13 mm would not fit) for the brake line bracket.

My Dodge Ram uses a 22mm socket for its lug nuts (IIRC). In fact, I don't recall ever using an english socket on that truck.
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