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Well, it is a very reliable vehicle with a big diesel engine, and if your gonna travel up to 42000 miles a year, you need a big reliable diesel engine. Anything smaller or petrol based would not be worth anything in 4+ years. Remember it's 80 mile each way each day. An electric engine would also suit (i think) because of the high torque and simplicity (also reduced weight). The van is designed in such a way that you sit on where the engine is (mid mount engine rear wheel drive). So if I replace the engine, it leaves a lot of space in the cavity for batteries, also there will be plenty of space under the bonnet in the front because the raditor and it's tubing/piping will be gone. Also as it has a space for packages at the back, this is more space for batteries. Finally, if I needed even more space I could just remove the last row of back seats, making it a 5 seater. It seemed the correct vehicle for the long term plan I had. I bought it second hand 3 years ago and hope to still have it in another 5-10.
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