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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
You could have had that thing fixed ten times over by now for the price of the oil you've wasted.
Yes, we could of. BUT we weren't expecting the car to last this long.
-Transmission Leak
-No breaks (ok, maybe 10% of what they should be.)
-Oil Leak (sorta fixed)
-rear of the car has been shorted 2 feet (but only in the middle, damn gas pole)
-2 power windows don't work.
-Dash lights don't work. (well, one does. It says "Check Engine". I checked, It's still there.)
-4 different brand and size tires (only 3 are bald though!)
-Dead headlight (ok, it's not the bulb. it's the mount. this causes the light to vibrate and burn out about every two weeks)
-on a good day it shifts in both OD and D. on a normal day it only shifts in OD.
-There was a fire under the hood before i bought it so No insulation under the hood. (don't slam the hood down too hard - it'll short the battery)
-Radio was stolen. now it's a 2AAA batt hand held radio.
-When the breaks are working don't stop too fast - the back seat will fly up and hit the back of the front seats.
-When you turn, the power steering says "Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No!" and tugs at the wheel in a pulsing type fashion.

that's off the top of my head... as you can tell i don't really know that much about cars.
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