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XFi -

Here's one I noticed on GS :

Congrats to COZX2 on the 100+ MPG fill!
Thanks, minic6, I posted my gearset info into a thread started by another member. You will find 3 of my posts there:

I kyped the idea from my friend Tom, an engineer in Michigan. There is a link to his site that shows great pics. Made from stock gears from another Escort trans. I paid $200 for precision grinding of the gears, $55 for the used trans and my brother did the welding. Custom cut gears would probably cost more than my car is worth. Hope all this info is of some use.
Which led me here (good and bad news I'm afraid) :

Modifying Gears for Taller Overdrive
UPDATE July 2007: I learned that the Escort "Pony" and "Fuel Saver" models from 1986 to 1990 had a four-speed manual transmission (MTX-II) with overdrive similar to my project. The acceleration in lower gears would not be as good as my car. Also the halfshafts lengths are different for the old four-speed, so it would not be a simple transmission swap. If anyone tries this, please let me know how it turns out!

UPDATE January 2008: The new 5th gear failed and I had to go back to the stock gearing. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted (15 months and 22,000 miles). See the "Durability Failure" link above for photos and failure diagnosis...
However, I was under the impression that the $200 was a lower cost because they were friends. But, I may be wrong, I never asked CO ZX2.

Question : Does your Escort have the same tranny as CO ZX2's Escort?

EDIT : Whoops, are you trying to re-gear the Escort or the Hyundai?


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