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Question Muffler contains water - problem?

So my central exhaust pipe rusted away from the front flange that joins with the back of the cat. converter. It was loud.

I finally broke the old flange's rusty grip on the cat, but I was having trouble getting the other end of the pipe off of the muffler flange, so I took the muffler off its hangers to get a better grip on the bolts than I could under the car.

After I got them separated, I noticed that the muffler was full of water (probably from snow the front of the loose pipe scooped off the ground, and just water in general flying in there).

I managed to get as much out as I could, shaking it and leaving it propped up on one end for a while. There was still quite a bit (maybe about a liter?) in there when I reattached it to the car, thinking it would get hot enough to eventually evaporate all of it.

Is my assumption erroneous? Does anyone know of more consequences to a waterlogged muffler?

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