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Actually I find the current price table of electricity price per KWhr shocking

Electric Power Monthly - Average Retail Price of Electricity to Ultimate Customers by End-Use Sector, by State

I too don't think there ever was a decent nationwide price per gallon list of any fuel as usually I can find that my local gas (where I go anyway) is priced dramatically different than a station just down the road and dramatically different than what the gas bloggers say it should be.

As stated above, Obviously you would need to convert the price per gallon into an equivalent unit, you would then also have to understand that gasoline is generally used at between 14%-30% effiency for locamotion as compared to 70-90% for electric and you would need to understand the inefficiency that gets added onto the process of making hydrogen. Thats the trouble with comparing Apples to Pine cones there are a lot of variables.


Compressed Air has promise and is being used in europe hooked into cave networks utilitizing temperature differences, not what you were expecting right?

In terms of a vehicle, compressed air also holds promise but the type of technology needed to improve its effiency and energy density just isn't in the hands of the masses. Generally the solutions using the heat and cold generated are the most effient, we will have to wait for the frenchies or India to figure it out for us in the meantime.
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