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Originally Posted by almightybmw View Post
really? hmmm.. I coulda swore it did, as my brother used a 3cyl 1L TC motor for the clean snowmobile challenge 5-6 years ago, could have sworn it was from a metro. hmmm. Curious where it came from now, as the 100ftlbs across the board was a pretty neat design, powerful little motor.

Do you think I could talk to your brother about this engine? My interest is for use in a homebuilt airplane, so anybody like him with hands-on experience would have invaluable insights.

The fact that it has a factory turbo helps a whole lot, as plumbing and compatibility issues were already sorted out by factory experts.

That it has good low end grunt is also wonderful from an airplane perspective, keeping revs low and propeller tip speeds subsonic.

Any further advice or insights much appreciated!
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