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New Tires Needed - Help?

So I got a bolt in a tire on my way home yesterday. Took it in to get it patched, and turns out the tire is splitting from the inside out.

Resolution: 2 new tires (the other two are newish (stole from previous car) and don't need replaced) for the Lumina.

I have questions about several issues, here we go?

Vehicle: 1993 Chevy Lumina Euro
Size: 205/70 R15
Front: Uniroyal Tiger Paw AWP II

Rear: to be replaced

Because I'm only doing two, I'll stick with the same size (205/70).

Low-rolling resistance tires - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The wiki page that I don't trust shows the TP AWP II to be very LRR, but for P225/60R16. I couldn't fine the AWP II on TireRack, but the Tiger Paw ST shows 23 pounds for 215/60R16 and 22 pounds for 205/70R15.

Does anyone else have info on these? Did I do good "accidentally" when I got the AWP II's for the previous car?

I did find this thread:

I'm debating getting a new pair to replace the bad rear tires.

Q. Tiger Paw AWP II's or Sumitomo HTR T4's?

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