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Hi all,

I ran across this site today and thought I would join. Great idea for a site.

I don't have any eco-modded vehicles at the moment. In actuality, some of the vehicle that I have are quite the opposite at the moment. However, it is something that I have thought about a lot as, up until recently, I worked as an aerodynamics engineer at one of the major OEMs.

My work mainly focused on downforce generation, but drag mitigation was always a concern. As such, I love some of the things that you guys have done to your vehicles. There is some rather low hanging fruit to be picked with some of the things you are doing, ie air dams, cooling module seals, decreasing cooling opening size, etc.

Anyway, I plan to frequent this board, and hope to start some minor eco-modding on my truck in the future.

Actually, now that I think about it, my race car is pretty eco-modded. Ironic but true 95 Neon, completely stripped, bigger airdam, cooling module seals, pushed out fascia before the front tires. Gets better mileage while racing than lots of vehicles on the street.

Well, sorry for the novel. Feel free to shoot me any questions or whatnot, and I'll try to answer them.


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