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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
1. Only 55 mph roads here.

2. 5 mph in the plains? LOL! A CALM day is 15 mph and it isn't uncommon to have 30-35 mph winds.
I don't live in the plains, on a calm day there is no detectable air movement on the ground, 35 is a hella storm, the speed limit is 75, half the people go 80. And the snowflakes go straight up the middle of the windshield.

What state do you live in?

Also, even in high yaw conditions, it is the forces applied parallel to the vehicle axis which have the most effect on fuel economy. The yaw will cause turbulence to the side of the vehicle, but not cause much impedance to the forward direction.

I also ride bicycles. Crosswinds make me wobble back and forth sideways, but they don't slow me down. And if you turn your body like a sail, you can actually get a boost!

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