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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
During development of their PNGV Car,GM noticed during windtunnel evaluations,that the windshield wiper had virtually no impact on drag.-------- I eliminated the wipers on my CRX at Bonneville and it had no effect on top speed.It's possible that the high-pressure bubble just ahead of the windshield "shields" the wipers from the outer flow.
I would like to direct you back to my first post on this thread and the raising bonnet thread....

Quoting myself now :
"At higher speed my wipers start to get pushed up the screen - almost as far as half way lol . It seems a common problem, a few people from crx uk raise the bonnet, making the air flow over the wiper. Some other members move their wipers as far down as possible... so they are sitting on the black plastic trim.
The other members just buy new wiper arms lol "

Before i " fixed " the wipers, they would get pushed to about 45* , then the wiper sensor/motor would kick in and make them do their full sweep. At high speed i had no option but to have the wipers ON lol.

I would say that the airflow is hitting the wipers to pull them from their original resting place.

The way i got around that was sitting the wipers so that they point downwards, slightly towards the bonnet, which forces any force to be taken away from the tip of the wiper.....

I guess if you speed tested the crx, then 0.78mph is not worth much on a road car.
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