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I would also like to say that this problem seems to affect the phase 2 mark 2 crx. I have not heard of ph1 mk2 owners having the problem with their wipers being pushed up the screen.

For your info : the american ( and uk D series ) crx's which i refer to as phase 1, have a totally different front end ( headlights ,bumper, hood ...and suspension, track dimensions, wheel offset, crossmember etc etc - which makes my phase2 harder to get aftermarket parts for ! My phase2 was only available in the uk for 2 years)

American / d series / "normal " crx front end :

My " phase2 " front end :

Note the difference between headlights, center raised bonnet ( i think this is the wiper problem - although you would expect it to be the other way around ?!?! ) , bumper etc.

Many people dont realise the differences until they see the cars side by side
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