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Originally Posted by Milesdriver View Post
Hi, I just stumbled upon this site and had to register. I have a Miles in the U.P. of Michigan. It is a daily driver in spring - fall. Winter is murder on batteries.

All-in-all. I love the car. I'm confused about why they welded in a backseat - mine bolts in.

I bought mine in the lower peninsula and because of the model (OR70) the dealer had to register it and "plate" it as a moped. It tops out at 41mph without mods and ranges about 35 miles per charge on a stock car.

Any info in regards to making the tranny an active 4spd would be great.
You are VERY lucky that you were able to get an OR70 on the road as they are NOT street legal, I had hard enough time getting ours on the road and I still do not have a title, blasted CA DMV, they wanted to close our case because we got plates even though we could never sell the car except gray market

If I could have gotten the OR70 onto the road I would have bought that model because it is superior to the zx40 which tops at 25mph. (I have gotten it to about 28mph due to higher tire pressure)

I am curious can you look at the motor itself and give me the numbers and code on it? I have a hunch we have the same motor but run at a different voltage, also what RPM are you at when going top speed? Mine is around 3500-4000rpm

Anyway I will post something I have in regards to rebuilding the tranny later if I can find it, not sure if it will help but if you can find someone willing to rebuild the tranny removing the welded block and put in the missing linkages you could have your 4 speed tranny working again, easiest way would be if you could find a junked out Daihatsu Move or Sambar or some other Japanese Kei car to steal a full tranny, shifter, etc. As you probably guessed your cupholder on the floor is where the shifting lever would have been.

Anyway I got this from one of my posts on another site that is good for general japanese mini vehicle info Japanese Mini Truck Forum - Powered by vBulletin
Miles Automotive sells electric vehicles, manufactured in China - Page 2 - China Car Forums

Good Luck

This Miles ZX40 vehicle is made for the US market, so I do not believe I have everything you want, but here goes
On the firewall
On the Transmission
EV7100 & 250000112

On the Electric motor

On the Bumper

On the Vacuum Pump?

The contact info I was given for the Daihtsu contract company who installed the motor was

Tianjin Tianqi Group Meiya Auto Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Address: Dashaozhikou, Zhongbei Town, Xiqing, Tianjin, P.R. China
Zip Code: 300112
Telephone: +86-22-27538480

I am told the Parudia and the Daihtsu Move 98-99 are related to my vehicle.
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