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KWH may be cheaper in certain countries but remember the cost of living is not directly comparable and neither is the amount earned or the tax rates etc.

Here in Australia I pay AUS $ 0.1577 / Kw hr for electricity. There is a supply charge of $34.50/90 days (more than the actual amount I pay for the electricity I use !) and the Government adds an even 10% to the total.

Gas costs AU$ 0.010658 / Mj with a supply charge of $21.15 and of course tax of 10% an all of that.
Not sure what the "supply" charge means for a piece of pipe in the ground? I don't think there is a lot of maintenance required !

Water costs AU $ 1.0276 / 1 000 litres. and I use around 50/litres per day.

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