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Great info guys.

My car has a manual transmission paired with the 2.3L 4cyl w/ Variable Valve Timing. The car is all stock with the factory 17" rims. EPA gas mileage is 24/29. I've had the car about 3 weeks and am getting 28 or 29mpg. Not bad but am hoping to make it better. So far I've been coasting as much as possible, downhills and instead of braking. I also shut the engine off at long stops and am shifting pretty early. Unless I'm in fifth, I tend to keep it at around 1500 RPM. Doing 55mph in 5th the tach is at 2800(?), I think.

This is where I am now. Tomorrow I'll start shutting the engine off more often and will start figuring out how to add a kill switch that will allow my accessories to still have power.

Any wisdom or spectacular links from the more experienced folks out there? I'm an apprentice diesel mechanic so I can be a little savy at times. Hopefully any advice you guys can offer won't go in one ear and out the other as a result. Thanks for reading. . . I'll try to keep my posts shorter in the future.

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