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In your opinion. If you're hardcore regarding FE, go for it! I do think that most people are looking to take a more balanced approach.

I do know that the average Joe watches hypermiler videos of dorks like Gerdes on TV, and just shakes his head. They see him doing insane things like taking freeway exits at unsafe speeds, creeping down the road with 10 cars bottlenecked behind him, slamming the car into gear the second it's started, pushing the car around parking lots, turning the engine off with the car in motion, etc. Joe Sixpack watches all this and thinks, "what an idiot." Joe leaves with the mistaken notion that FE driving is strictly for neurotics, and that there is no point in attempting to improve his own FE. This inability to connect to the general public is a shame, and is something the HM community needs to address.

I'm glad you're getting your 60MPG, but please don't assume that what you do is best for everyone.

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