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The AC is the other car that i don't drive (big ben) LOL.
that's $10.00 i can spend toward my EV!
(i told you, she has the restraint)
I can't do a conversion on Big Ben because there is some minor rust, and i learned from Metro's Forkenswift post about how much bigger rust can be once you get into it.
I'm not doing a conversion on SkuttleButt because of all the other problems wrong with it. I can get a $200ish 'donor' car with less problems for converting.
Btw, on BigBen, i think it has a bad Alternator. I just replaced the battery and the batt light stays on when i start it up (once a while because i hear it's good). Because of the last batt problem it had, i think the Alternator isn't recharging the batt.

My personal preference is I'd rather just ditch both cars and do an EV on a donor car.

I should of named this thread "Take a shot at the Chicken"
but I'm enjoying it.
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