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Originally Posted by Peter7307 View Post
Gas costs AU$ 0.010658 / Mj with a supply charge of $21.15 and of course tax of 10% an all of that.
Not sure what the "supply" charge means for a piece of pipe in the ground? I don't think there is a lot of maintenance required !

Water costs AU $ 1.0276 / 1 000 litres. and I use around 50/litres per day.

That water rate SUCKS but I believe it is coming to the US as well since we use more water than what physically falls in most areas. Anyway I would strongly recommend you get a composting toilet, they do not stink, they are environmentally friendly, you do need to use different toilet paper (usually) but at that rate I would be taking a lot of sponge baths, smelling like a frenchman, using disposable paper plates and using a composting toilet so I wouldn't have to pay them.

I think everybody pays something similar to a supply charge, though the folks in control might call it something else, like a tax or an access fee or a metering charge.

My folks pay roughly $75 a month to have gas, water and electric hookups and another $20 just to have a phone, this is before they even use ANYTHING!

Add to that if you TRY to conserve power many utilities will charge you a higher rate because you aren't using enough power

There are many hidden costs that go away if you produce your own power.

I wish solar would drop a little more so we could drop this utility BS.

Ah well
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