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I forgot, another thing that has to be changed is right now, it's set up for a 600 amp hardware current limit, which is fine as long as you change it to 12 mosfets, and 12 diodes, since they can handle 50 amps each. You will have to fake the signal from the current sensor, unless you have a 600 amp current source. hehe. 2.5v means the sensor is measuring 0 amps. 3.25v means the sensor is measuring 600 amps. (and stuff inbetween means current inbetween)

PLus, I just heard from Digikey that the other 19 mosfets have been shipped, over a month earlier than expected! ya!

Thank you, Motor_Control! Noise protection is something that I forgot to add in the schematic, and plus I had a few resistors here and there missing that you filled in. Also, I didn't think about making sure the RESET stays high. Good idea!

Brihoo2k, I'll post the micro-controller software once it's done.

This is a lot of circuit to test all at once. Maybe it could be broken into smaller black boxes, and figure out what the inputs and outputs should be, and test it that way.
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