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The TDI is an awesome car that I have always wanted, but there seem to be so many lemons when it comes to VWs. Diesel is so artificially high right now, yet VWs hold their high value due to the fact that they are rare and sought after. If cost of ownership and maintainence is high on your list, say higher than fun, then i would go with the prius. Hybrids are dirt cheap now due to low gas prices, yet used TDIs are still way expensive. When a turbo on a TDI goes, expect to pay out 2k, same with the injection pump. Not to mention annoying little things like the same headlight burning out time and time again, headlight harness needing replacement, window motors and regulators needing replacement (several times), and just basic electric items that seem engineered to fail in order to bring in more revenue...that or the fact that they can't build VWs well in the Mexican plant which is where the TDIs are produced if i am not mistaken.
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