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carbon fiber

Originally Posted by Compaq888 View Post
I've seen a lot of new research places build carbon fiber cars that weigh less than 2000lbs. The auto manufacturers refuse to do that. At least BMW started putting in CF roofs, got to start somewhere.
I believe the carbon fiber for the GM Ultralite cost $13,000( US),in 1990 dollars.That was just for the material.It is light and it is strong,and kinda pricey.Carmakers in the US are required to do Total Life Cycle Cost Analysis,which implicates recycling at the end of the car's service life.So far,recycling of carbon fiber structures has posed challenges to mass production.--------------------------- Also,some consider carbon fiber to be the new asbestos.Texas Tech University was given a bunch of aerospace quality pre-preg epoxy carbon fiber material and the university decided not to let the students work with it,concerned over the health implications and liability of dust inhalation.Jury's still out on this one.
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