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Originally Posted by esonson View Post
If you use the HASS 600-S Current Sensor and change to use 12 mosfets and 12 diodes for a maximum 600 amp system, are there any other changes necessary in order to support that high of a current? (Like number of capacitors?)
Remember, I'm just a software guy looking at a strange set of schematic symbols.
You can actually use the HASS 300-S up to the HASS 600-S sensor. The 300, 400, 500, and 600 all can safely measure up to 900 amps! haha! I ordered the HASS 500-S, but it would be better to get the 300 version, because it would give a bit more voltage resolution when it measures all the way up to 600 amps.

Check out Page one of the HASS documentation:

24 of those 200v 470 uF ripple capacitors is still plenty. To give you an idea, the Kelly 144v 600amp controller uses 10 330uF ripple caps. I was reading on the DIYElectricCar Forum about a guy that took one apart.

So, to sum up, just change to 12 freewheel diodes and 12 mosfets, and it's a 144v 600 amp controller. Now, it would be better to have 2 mosfet drivers (driving 6 mosfets each). Maybe I should change it to account for that.

brihoo2k: That's a good idea. I would definitely breadboard this thing first. There is way too much that can go wrong with such a big circuit. We need to break this thing up into several parts, and test each part.
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