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Originally Posted by Vwbeamer View Post
The turbo is "only" $750.00. I replaced mine all ready.
Wow, 750 is not bad at all, at what mileage did this occur? What other repairs and at what mileage have you done? ...$750 is for a rebuilt turbo not including labor though, correct? How much labor is it? Not saying it's the case with the 1.9l TDI, but I know on the Audi R4 you need to actually remove the engine to get to both the turbos that are mounted underneath.

Originally Posted by mhmitszach View Post
correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't the stimulus package have a provision to remove sales tax on brand new vehicles?
THis is true!

"CAR BUYER TAX DEDUCTION For the rest of 2009, you’ll be able to deduct the state and local sales and excise taxes you pay on the purchase of a new (not used) car, light truck, recreational vehicle or motorcycle.

This will be an “above-the-line deduction,” according to Clint Stretch, the managing principal of tax policy at Deloitte L.L.C. in Washington. That means that you can take it regardless of whether you itemize other deductions on your tax return.

Mark Luscombe, principal tax analyst for CCH, a tax information service, notes that state sales taxes alone can run 6 to 7 percent, before any county or local tax kicks in. That said, if you trade in a vehicle, your taxable purchase price may be lower.

Eligibility for this tax break begins to phase out for single people with adjusted gross income over $125,000 or $250,000 for married couples filing jointly. And the deduction does not apply on spending above $49,500."
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