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I would advise against running veggie in a TDI, especially the newer ones >03. Unless you're very anal about it, you WILL end up with very costly repairs. Go with biodiesel instead, much safer.

$750 must be for a rebuilt turbo, else you have to tell me where you get them! You have to add labor to that, roughly 3 hours. You can even do it yourself if you are mechanically inclined, there are very good howtos on

If you drive the car hard now and then, to make sure the vanes do not stick with soot the turbo should last for a very long time.

Pretty often the turbo is replaced when it did not really needed to. If your vanes are sticky your might just need to have it disassembled and cleaned, a 5 hours job. Still less expensive than a new turbo. Oftentimes the vacuum actuator fails, if you go to the dealership they'll replace the whole turbo unit, as the actuator alone is not a part they have. However, vacuum actuators can be bought aftermarket for roughly $100.

Injection pumps failed en masse when usld was introduced. Lubrication packages in the fuel have improved since and you don't hear much about those failing anymore. If you're still worried you just add a bit of ashless 2 cycle oil, or even better 2% biodiesel, and your pump won't fail.

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