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Binger -

Originally Posted by Binger View Post
to answer both of wife and I want to get a larger car, because we (especially she) do not feel that the mirage is a safe car to take our son around in.

I've considered the new insight...and I think that we would like to stay around $15,000ish...this would be just over our price range...yet its a good option. However in nebraska you really bend over and take it on taxes when you buy a "brand new" car.
Ok, that makes sense. You've been doing some number crunching and a (new) Insight didn't fall into your price window. Yeah, I always imagine the little kiddie in the center-rear of the car for maximum safety. Get him two big super-soft cuddly stuffed Panda-bears as passengers for each side.

(I voted Prius)


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