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TDI all the way. I'm a little biased though, hehe.

Seriously though, I've owned my TDI since 2005 (2nd owner), and the only maintenance I've EVER done is oil and filter changes. I am getting ready for my 100k maintenance items though, which should run me about a grand. Then I am set for another 100k. Not bad at all.

There is no particular reason why the turbo or injection pumps should ever fail. Loads of people make it to 300k miles on the originals, though you hear more often from those who don't. New turbos can be found everywhere for around $900. Most of the people who think that TDIs are junk drove them like little old ladies all day long. You do have to exercise the engine to keep it running clean. To me this only means one nice full throttle pull after my highway cruising is over. This keeps the turbo clean and freely moving, and gets everything nice and hot. Also, the electrical gremlins vary widely from year to year, which is exactly why I bought a 2003. My engine and vehicle had been exactly the same since 99.5 so all the bugs were mostly worked out.

I would not advise veggie oil in any TDI, it can work, but only for so long. Bio-diesel for sure though!
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