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Need Advice: Buying car directly from owner

I'm going to be purchasing a car in the next week and I was wondering if you all would help me with a few questions.

I've never purchased a used car directly from an owner before and I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice about doing this.

I'm a little wary about showing up at someone's house with cash on me for the purchase. Would it be advisable to show up with no money and then if I decide to buy the car, I would ask them to complete the transaction at my bank where I can withdraw the money to purchase the car?

I think it might be be a good idea to schedule a meeting at a public place that is convenient to the owner so I can look the car over and do a test drive. Maybe the parking lot of the bank.

Do you all have any advice on what to look for as far as signs of trouble with the car itself? I'd like to show up with a checklist of things to look for in order of priority.

Will I receive the keys and the title right when I purchase the car and drive away? Or do I have to inform someone that I now own this car? I assume I have to inform the DMV and my insurance company.

Anyway thanks for any advice you provide.


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