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call your dmv and ask but normally a title signed by the seller is all you need then you normally you can drive it for the first 24 hours before you have to stop at the dmv, longer if it's the weekend.

When I buy a car I always bring cash and a 2nd person to help me drive it home, people who don't bring cash normally don't have cash, if you have cash in hand you can often get a lower price because they already talked to a long list of people who wanted to make payments or will comeback next week when they get paid, those people never come back.
I tend to do the same thing with putting say the $1,200 I hope they will lo
were their price to in one pocket, and the other $300 or whatever in my wallet.
I tend to feel less safe meeting someone in a parking lot then meeting them at their house, because I've told someone where I was going, I have someone along with me, their family is most likely home and so on so unless you are in a really rough area I would say you are perfectly safe.
as far as what to look for, study up on the car you are looking at.
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