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Originally Posted by TrevorHeath View Post
Benefits are hard to quantify

Clearly though there are three area's

Improved Fuel mileage which can be quantified

Occupant comfort....very easy to quantify

Reduced engine wear from warm start-ups very difficult to quantify

But yes if you are only 17% above EPA I'd say you do have lower hanging fruit to look at. When you are up to 30% it gets a little harder to find savings......

Just how many KAT heater failures have you seen documented?

I have seen just one.

I've only seen one as well, but I've only seen a handful of glowing reviews to balance it out. I just have my doubts how long a 33 dollar (shipped no less) encased heating element will last in fairly extreme conditions. That being said, it was colder than a witches t@t this morning and it took about 12 miles for my car to even show a temp on the needle, so I'm ordering one and installing it ASAP. The comfort level is going to trump any payback rationization I can calculate. My hands are still numb as I type this. Grille block going in tonight as well, hopefully that'll help keep the heat where it belongs.
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