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I flipped the bars to give it a try. It gave about a 6 inch drop from where they were. I might also try a set of straight bars. I can bend bars out of EMT for testing, that will be fun.

Hmmm, bars you could set high for slow speed riding and then swing to "dropped" position for highway riding would seem ideal.

I already have 17" and 21" front laced wheels I can swap out, and 17" and 18" rear wheels. I can also have a 19" front made, if I like. The 21" front raises the front of the motorcycle by 2".

I'm thinking that I want:

- low rotating wheel mass for starts and stops (low rim, tire, and tube weight)
- low rolling resistance
- reduce frontal area (low chassis and narrow tires)
- reduce drag of the front wheel somehow (partial "pizza pan"? wheel fairing/fender?). I guess the rear doesn't matter as much, but I don't know.

It would point toward 17", or at most 19", front wheel. At the rear, it seems like 17" would be better, because the rider would sit a little lower.

Does all this seem like the right direction?

Does anybody know if radial tires on motorcycles tend to have lower rolling resistance than bias ply?

I need some accurate way to measure fuel usage. Motorycles don't have OBD-II. Mine is fuel injected. Does the mpguino measure injector pulse width * pulses, and given injector data, display how much fuel is used?
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