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Boy I dunno about spending too much time on aerodynamic improvements for the WR. If you spend time and money fitting smaller wheels I think it will be unlikely to make a noticeable difference. Changing the bars is a good effort and with EMT you can custom make 'em to your liking, not some off the shelf bend. I really like the adjustable bar idea!!!

If you're really looking for outstanding aero, start with a 250cc cruiser like a Suzuki GZ250, or Honda Nighthawk 250. These are already really low, can be fitted with skinny tires and the gearing adjusted. Adapt/create a slippery fairing on these and it seems that 90+mpg should be reasonable.

For the cool WR, play with gearing to complement your riding style. Go as tall as reasonable, downshifting for a sizeable hill on the freeway is no big deal. Maybe a small windshield to slip some air around your torso. The 100 mpg target is only really possible with good hypermiling technique or truly outstanding aerodynamics. Since the WR is set up for hooligan fun, not aero, just enhance it with minor mods and good riding technique. You'll be getting more smiles per gallon than anyone.
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