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So the weather looks like it is finally getting better, it was below freezing most of the time for the last few weeks. The longer term forecast seems more reasonable so now it is time to actually start doing something with this idea. I figure the first step is to buy a motor and mounting bracket and get it hooked up.

I still can't find a better looking motor for what I want out of it than that AC Etek motor. It should be able to handle 5000RPM easily so that gives me a 1.3:1 ratio to let the car get to 70mph without overspinning the motor and without a clutch on it. What I need to do now is print out a copy of that bracket on robot marketplace and tape up a cardboard model of the motor and bracket and see how it fits under the hood.

If it fits without making much of a bump in the hood then next step is to figure out how to get a sprocket on the axle. Anyone ever taken a cv axle apart and still able to put it back together? I am thinking that my best bet would be to find a drive hub off a motorcycle that is about the right size to slip over the axle shaft and weld it solid. That way I can change sprockets easily as they wear. I would like to use a pretty good chain so maybe something like a 525 O-ring chain would be best. I am not sure what it actually needs though so maybe something smaller or bigger?

I planned on using AGM batteries of some sort. Is there anything out there better than that but still being reasonably close to the same price? I looked around but it looks like they are still the best price/performance ratio out there. I need to also make a box up the same size as a battery and start trying to figure out where to cram 6 of them without taking up the last bit of space I have in the trunk

Other than getting a sprocket on the axle this really doesn't seem up front to be a hard project. Just expensive

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