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Newb with some Q's

Hi all, I have a few questions that I would like to get answered...

What is the open/closed loop that everyone refers to?

How do you drive by a vacuum Gage, what are your limits your looking for?
Some say they drive solely by the vacuum Gage, but others say they will use 75% throtle... If I put the throttle to even 50% my vacuum dives to 0 hg.
Others say to regulate the throttle to 5-7 hg while accelerating.
My idle (while warm) is 18-19hg
Is this what everyone strives for?
Accel - least amount of vac without going into open loop
Cruise - highest amount of vacuum @ efficient rpm
I've changed my plugs, check the cap/rotor/wires, all is fine. Tires at 44psi.
I just changed my o2 sensor tonight, not sure of age, but probably original to the engine('93) - the old o2 gave no error code
Hoping this will boost my mpg by some... (its a heated 4 wire o2)

I Checked the compression and get 120-125psi on each cylinder(kinda low?)
I was told about the water trick... rev to 4-5k and slowly dump in about 1 liter of water, not letting it stall. Should steam out allot of built up carbon. - Should I do this?

I have adjusted my timing to 8deg BTDC thinking of maybe adjusting to 10 deg... using the cheap (LOL) gas at 87 octane. No engine knocking at 8deg.

When one 'glides' do you just clutch-in, or do you pull the gears to neutral?

I made a small bezel to cover the front grill ports... I had to add in the breather hole, as the fan started to kick in... (its 12c here today)
I made it from the plastic cardboard from home depot...
Mornings are still kinda cold, I don't have a block heater... hoping this will help warm up in the mornings, and help with aero.

So far with my current tank(first eco tank) I have just rolled 500km and I would normally be hunting for a refill now... I still have a 1/4 tank left!!!!

Any other 'adjustments' I can make to help improve things... I've read over the 100 tips... great list!

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