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Hi there!

Sorry, my English is not that good.

(3day latter) I’ve finally finish reading thru this entire forum. 1st I can say is thanks, thanks for sharing all of this information, and bringing attention to green transport solutions! I personally have more knowledge in electronic that I do in mechanic but looking back to all of that tread , it’s actually just a matter of patience and ingenuity at fitting pieces together and trying.

That said, I’m thinking about doing the same in Quebec.

I really don’t know how inspection work in Ontario , but I’ve just finish reading documentation about get a car inspection here in Quebec and it seem a bit more severe that yours. I can see two main disparities that you are not restricted on, or find a way around. Our regulation state that for a EV ,batteries should all be sealed outside the passenger compartment, and ventilated. Also they state that an engineer certificate could be asked if they feel like they need one. I guess you didn’t had any problem whit those ?

Also I’ve done many call to get a insurance, and they all send me to hell. Which one did you found finally ? On my frustration I’ve call IBC . They are somehow regulating insurer around Canada, and they said to me that if my car is street legal, I must get insurance, and they actually have the power to force insurance companies to take me! I still have some doubt on how much time and effort such a process could take , and have no idea (nor they do) on the final price ! But they insisted that it can be done.

Did you have any feedback from the guy stating he was going to build His own drive ?

Also, I’m surly going to build myself a little nice graphic lcd , capture rpm, voltage, current and have a real-time display of HP and calculated remaining charge and km ! It not a big matter to build a second one If you’re interested


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