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That rust was easy looking, from what I can see of it.

The sound deadener, if you don't care about road noise, lose it. Matter of factly, if you don't care about the interior, you can lose the carpet and plastics as well. Might lose about a battery's worth of weight if you gut the interior.

Since you're adding A LOT of weight to the car in places it wasn't meant to carry it, you may consider stitch welding the seams of the chassis, while you still have access to them. This will cut down on vibration noise, and make for a less twisty chassis, and it doesn't take days to do. At the very least, you should drill and tack the flanges of the body panels, between the initial pop-welds.

More weight loss -
Lexan in place of windows (check legality)
Check the rear hatch, the inner *not visible* sections can have holes cut out from them.
Rear bumper, if you're feeling crafty, can be replaced with tubing/piping.
same with front bumper.
Mounting tabs for parts you've taken out and don't plan to put back in can be removed, as long as they're not "structural"

As long as you're not using the OEM hood latch, and you're getting pins or latches, you can remove parts of the webbing under the hood.
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