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Originally Posted by Binger View Post
Well it could help to stave off global socialism.
Huh? That is possibly the dumbest statement I've seen from someone not running for public office :-)

Why can't people agree to disagree...
Well, they can. Last I heard there's still a Flat Earth Society.

Quote: believe that we cause the earth to heat up...
That's where you're wrong. It has nothing to do with belief. You seem to think physics is just a matter of belief, so why not try a small experiment for me? (You can even make it a thought experiment if you like.) Find a handy cliff, or a tall building. Tell me how high it is, then jump off. I'll use physics to calculate how hard you'll hit the ground, and you can try not believing in gravity.

I don't want the govt telling me to buy certain light bulbs, or forcing disproportinatly unfair global carbon taxes on us.
So you'd rather waste your money by buying inefficient light bulbs? Or pay disproportionately unfair income, sales, & property taxes?

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