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Oui je suis la même personne :P I’ve realize it would be more profitable to every body to talk here than in private emails.

Arg , I’ve just get rid of my 2 old dying Festivas , my land lord will be angry at me when I’ll begind playing in 2 swifts hehehehe (I already have one)

You're accident is not cool, could this bring back insurance problems/raises ? Or is the other guy not going to declare to the insurance?

Also, more about the inspection questions. I guess you did not had to argue for the added weight and they didn’t see anything wrong whit your modified brake system ?

Quebec doc:

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Salut, J-F!

I was just talking to someone this week that I would love to have a "ScanGauge" equivalent for the electric car: something that tracks voltage/amperage and speed, and displays & records (averages) watt hours/km or equivalent. So I can determine how to maximize efficiency while driving. EDIT: of course the requirement is an inexpensive device - there are commercial ones available, but not in my budget range.

The only things is the time to do the code. And for the $ part it’s only a matter of finding an Lcd that do the trick and do a circuit to grab all the information. Well, a bit like some of you, I might be able to do 1 or 2 from scavaged/reused part from my inventory of scrap stuff. But, I’ll probably begin to get a EV car on 4 weels before ! Get a look on a design I’ve done for our solar car project:

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Salut, J-F!
there are commercial ones available
What do they look like ?

Thank for referring me to local resources!

Ooops , that’s a long post !

Perfect is the enemy of better
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