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Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
You might know this but there should be two clicks on the front shifter when you shift which will move the FD either further out or closer in depending on where you are running the rear cogs to keep it from rubbing. When you engage it all the way push the little shifter just enough to bring it back a bit without taking it off the big ring. Also what gears is it rubbing in. You should not be extreme cross chained, Big ring front big cog back or Small ring front small cog rear that will wear the chain and cogs fast and will rub on most road bikes.
I did not know this! I guess I should get my pedals and ride it for real to make sure I am actually having problems. Up until this I only had mountain bikes with 27 gears, or fixies, and the borrowed road bike last summer with 27 gears that weren't indexed.
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