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MPG goes to 99999 when coasting

Well, my 95 Saturn SW2 is proving to be a PITA. We got the VSS issue resolved, that was nice but another thing that hasa been happening since day one is if I crest a hill and begin coasting down my MPG goes to 99999, also if I am going fast and apply the brake slightly it goes to 99999. Of course I can't calibrate my unit with this because the few seconds it goes to 99999 it makes my tank mpg skyrocket.

I am concerned that it might be a math problem caused by the fact that unlike other saturns using uSec/Gal 0289967320 I had to try 0029967320 which is much lower to get my readings within an acceptable range.

I messed around with the injector delay and it seems to affect mp MPG readings. I would like to know more about this value and how it affects the readings. DOes it have to do with what part of the pulse it is counting?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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