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Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
I just got the best comment ever over on my INSTRUCTABLES about the car:

Jan 16, 2009. 11:30 PMtylosurussays:
"i'm making one. you have definitely encouraged me to try it! i've sat here for like.. the past 3 hours and read this WHOLE ENTIRE blog thing! lol, thanks! "

He must have been referring to just the info on INSTRUCTABLES. It would take MUCH longer than 3 hours to read everything here....
Ben, I've spent the last three days reading through this entire thread and am really starting to get the itch. I've got a nice pre-smog 240z sitting in my garage at home that I've had non-op because it gets worse gas mileage than my truck... but it's lightweight, has new suspension, pretty good body, and lots of room for batteries... if I've still got it this summer, I might have to just do it.

If you decide that you like having the sound deadener on your floors, you can get this (fairly cheap) stuff called "Peal and Seal" from the local building supply place. It's a sheet of tar-stuff backed on one side with foil, so you cut it to shape and then stick it to any body panels that need it. A lot of guys who are trying to sound-proof for ride quality, whatever, will do a couple layers on the larger more flexible panels like the roof and in the doors behind the glass. My z has a layer of it over most of the interior.
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